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Yoga practice tailored to you and not the other way around.
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It’s a pleasure to share this new project with you.

I started practising Yoga over ten year ago, while living in the Dominican Republic.
During my first Hatha Yoga class under the stars, I discovered my passion for this
practice. I was thrilled to be able to connect with myself and find a space of peace.
Ever since, regardless of the different countries I have lived in, Yoga and Meditation have always been my companions…

What can Yoga do for you?

Practising Yoga  will help you strengthen and balance your body and mind.

It challenges you and celebrates your achievements.
Discover your whole potential by practising different types of Yoga and Meditation.

You can also practise Yoga for Children or Family Yoga.

Yoga Classes and Workshops

Would you like to discover what type of yoga is best for you? Would you like to deepen your Yoga practice and knowledge? You have come to the right place!

Online Yoga

Enjoy a Yoga Class Tailored to You anywhere, by connecting yourself from anywhere, whether at home or during holidays...

Yoga and Nutrition

Yoga is a Holistic System, also including Nutrition. Discover how to take care of your Health, Body and Mind.

What do students think?

“My experience with Bina Yoga has been great, both for meditation and Yoga. Easy to follow wherever you might be at the moment”
Renewable Energy Specialist.
“Whenever I can, I practice Yoga with Bina Yoga, who has adapted all the Asanas to my needs. Bea is sweet and an amazing professional.”
Maria Jose
Administrative and Blogger.
“I had never done Yoga before; however, Bea from Bina Yoga made me feel comfortable from my first class. She is attentive, delicate and knows how to tailor the practice to any issue you may have. It’s an incredible experience. Practising with Bina Yoga, you will always feel better.”